“ICE is the marquee event of the gaming industry”

“ICE is the marquee event of the gaming industry”

(Exclusive interview).- Daniel Long, Chief Commercial Officer at RTG SLOTS discussed the company’s plans ahead of ICE London 2020.

Daniel Long is part of RTG SLOTS, an innovative games innovator and industry stalwart of almost 25 years.

Prior to joining the company, he was the Chief Commercial Officer at Habanero and before that he was responsible for business development in Asia for Microgaming giving him extensive experience in the region’s betting and gaming industry. He previously spent nearly a decade working for some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.

With his expertise in the APAC gaming market, Mr Long now serves as Chief Commercial Officer for RTG SLOTS, harnessing his industry knowledge and experience to ignite online gaming with innovations and player relevant offerings.

He discussed RTG Slots plans for the world-renowned ICE London, which is less than a month ahead.

RTG SLOTS has been revealing new games during 2019, what can the industry expect from the company this year?

RTG SLOTS continues to be a player and industry-relevant for key gaming operators.

In 2019, RTG SLOTS maintained a constant release of one to two new games each month, allowing our client gaming operators to continuously offer fresh games, land-based casino styled hot themes, as well as creating an exciting entertainment experience for players.

Continued innovations including innovative profitability platforms and play technologies for our clients such as tournaments, winning pots, exciting jackpots and versatile formats.

RTG SLOTS continues to be a player and industry relevant for key gaming operators.

As a data-driven group, RTG SLOTS offers gaming operators data-rich game management platforms to gather performance information and measurements against KPIs to ensure our game offerings are profitable. In 2020, we continue to innovate in the games management and data platforms in order to enhance the data and knowledge base of operators that offer our games. To accomplish this, RTG will be revamping our back-office User Interface (UI) in the first half of 2020, to make data analytics more intuitive and helping our operators make the most informed decisions when launching and promoting RTG SLOTS games.

RTG SLOTS has been producing i-gaming platforms and games for almost 25 years now and will continue to innovate more outstanding features and unique games in the coming year. Moreover, 2020 is a crucial year, as apart from games and features for the players, RTG SLOTS has plans to debut a brand-new “appearance” for our audiences. You heard it here first, so stay tuned!

How is RTG Slots preparing for ICE London 2020? Can you share some details about your upcoming performance?

ICE is the marquee event of the gaming industry, with its global reach and fantastic lineup of exhibitors, activities and conference agenda.

RTG SLOTS will be exhibiting and demonstrating our newest products and innovations, such as “Wonder Pot”. RTG SLOTS will be at booth #N6-211.

This year we have prepared many surprises for visitors to our stand, such as our next 10 months games road map jammed packed with all kinds of new features and our new backend back-office UI to impress our existing operators. So don’t miss any of that excitement, and see you at our booth!

What has been the public’s feedback of your last game Fortune Frog? What is the secret to maintaining an entertained public?

RTG SLOTS’s ongoing success lies in our ability to attract players with innovation, flexible play formats and game performance speeds. Our latest game, Fortune Frog embodies these by allowing players multiple modes such as direct downloads, Instant Play, Mobile and Native play options; as well as easy switching between portrait and landscape screen formats.

ICE is the marquee event of the gaming industry

Feedback on Fortune Frog is excellent, as almost 80% of our client operators has launched this game as part of their offerings with many achieving encouraging volumes after a few weeks of launch. With exciting jungle treasure elements such as wilderness, jewels and gems, plus the chasing of “Frog Bombs” counting down “three-two-one-zero” across the spins, before EXPLODING into more jewels over the 20-line honeycomb-shaped reels. Players say they love those Bombs! Matching five jewels to win, will cascade a further chance in this exciting feature.

In our stable of new 2020 games, we bring more entertaining aspects by being relevant to trends; these include our new Lucky Rat slot game – entertaining players with the delightful Chinese New Year zodiac sign with more ways to win and celebrate the season; and RTG SLOTS’s hot, new release Zomberries, which play on the dark but cute humour aka Plants vs. Zombies style for easy relatability and light-hearted fun entertainment.

As RTG SLOTS have been in the gaming industry for over 20 years, our games are specifically designed for Global and appeal in particular to Asian players, featuring themes, graphics, animations, music and algorithms to which players will connect and enjoy our games the most. RTG SLOTS offer the best in performance speeds; fast file loading efficiency, exciting visual treatments and a sleek spin experience. We are the best option for the operators.

Why is it important for the company to attend events such as ICE London? As an international online gaming company, what is the most relevant thing about interacting with the public?

RTG SLOTS is amongst the most established stalwarts of the gaming industry, with a strong presence across the online gaming sector. Despite an established presence, key events such as ICE allow us to achieve numerous important objectives which go just beyond networking and meeting with industry peers.

Premium events like ICE, bring together people from all different geographical areas across the gaming industry; providing great opportunities to expand RTG SLOTS’s knowledge base through exposure to industry innovations; whilst showcasing ours to the key industry decision-makers; hear from the industry in terms of data sharing, industry direction and the latest developments. This provides a robust education ground for ourselves, looking at wider industry offerings, competitor innovations and comparing offerings.

Being a prominent presence at ICE each year, allows the RTG SLOTS brand and team to continue to be top of mind of the established as well as new gaming operators and clients; allowing us to forge continuous business relationships as well as reach highly targeted leads for future growth. This is where the RTG SLOTS team will ensure we are also present for the schedule of social settings created by ICE. To say the least, ICE is also a fun event!

What are RTG SLOTS challenges for 2020 and especially in the UK?

Whilst the UK continues to be a key market for the industry and maintains a strong performance for many well-established gaming operators, there are potential shifts in the economic and political landscape of this region that may prove challenging for all of us.

However, RTG SLOTS is a well-diversified organisation that has strongly established expertise and presence across the world and especially Asia. This is a useful note of assurance for our clients, as many seek to establish or grow their brands in high growth markets, by harnessing high-performance offerings from RTG SLOTS’s range of innovative games to attract new players as well as maintain existing ones.

For 2020, RTG SLOTS continues to focus on innovative play, attractive visual treatments and exciting play experiences as a key partner for gaming operators looking to optimise their profitability.

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