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IBIA reports a significant drop in suspicious betting in 1Q

ibia suspicious drop
The report indicates that the alerts decreased significantly year-on-year to 37.

The integrity body IBIA said that the number of suspicious betting alerts posted a 26% year-on-year drop.

UK.- The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), formerly called ESSA, released the integrity monitoring numbers corresponding to the first quarter of the year. The report indicates that the alerts decreased significantly year-on-year to 37.

The 37 alerts of suspicious activity registered by IBIA also represent a 26% year-on-year drop. That figure also declined by 55% from the fourth quarter of 2018, mainly because there was a large decrease in alerts generated on tennis.

That specific sport is traditionally the one that reports the highest level of suspicious activity. The 17 alerts from tennis represented a 37% decline year-on-year and a 69% fall from the previous quarter. They were also the lowest registered in a quarter since the first one in 2017.

IBIA said that eight of those alerts in tennis were generated in Europe, while five came from Asia. Three of them came from North America and only one from Africa.

Moreover, football totalled seven alerts, all for Europe, and basketball and badminton registered three each.

The integrity body relaunches as IBIA

This week, the sports betting integrity body announced the rebrand from ESSA to International Betting Integrity Association. This is part of an attempt to better reflect the global debate around integrity issues, among other things.

When announcing the rebrand, the body focused on the global sports betting industry said that this initiative is part of a desire to better show the debate around betting and integrity issues around the world and how they have a leading role in that discussion.

The association will continue to represent the largest regulated sports betting operators in the world, with approximately 50 brands contributing to its monitoring and its alert platform, the International Betting Integrity Association said.

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