Hugo Baungartner, 27th Gaming Group: “Our meeting schedule at ICE is as packed as ever”

Hugo Baungartner, 27th Gaming Group: “Our meeting schedule at ICE is as packed as ever”

Hugo Baungartner, 27th Gaming Group VP International Gaming, spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s expectations for the next edition of ICE London.

Exclusive interview.- 27th Gaming Group arrives at ICE London 2023 with a wide range of news and announcements that will undoubtedly attract the attention of those attending one of the most important events in the industry.

To discuss ICE London 2023 and the company’s plans for 2023, Focus Gaming News caught up with Hugo Baungartner, 27th Gaming Group VP International Gaming.

ICE is around the corner, what is 27GG expecting from the first major global iGaming event? 

Following ICE365’s return to its traditional slot, the event provides the perfect platform to share more about the 27th Gaming Group strategy for the year ahead with key industry stakeholders. It’s a massive event as the whole world will be onsite in London and our meeting schedule is as packed as ever. 

“Meeting face-to-face with current clients and potential partners is special and every opportunity must be taken to maximise these iGaming events on the calendar.”

Hugo Baungartner, 27th Gaming Group VP International Gaming.

For us, we’ll be proudly talking about our latest Fusion Group Games’ ever-evolving games Pack as well as our complete turnkey solution from Betconnections. This now includes our peer-to-peer product Betting Exchange which was released towards the end of last year. 

The new vertical features a wide range of domestic and international soccer competitions, as well as popular US sports such as MLB, NFL, NHL, and both collegiate basketball and NBA.

What is the 27GG plan for 2023? 

2023 will be a big year for the 27th Gaming Group as we accelerate the growth of our three core brands, Betconnections, Fusion Group Games and Jackpot Software. Together we’re able to provide a full offering that covers sports, land-based and online gaming to meet all customer demand.

Compliance will be a big focus for us as we complete the certification for the Betconnections platform. Fusion Group Games already has a rich portfolio of content, but we’ll build on this momentum and ensure we’re adding further games throughout the next 12 months. 

We’ve been closely following developments in the Mexican and Guatemalan markets as we’re soon to bring Fusion into the market by installing our first machines. 

Furthermore, Jackpot Software will be releasing a number of localised games tailored to specific player preferences.

Where do the LatAm opportunities lie for iGaming businesses eyeing up the region? 

The Latin American region continues to undergo many regulatory changes and developments as more countries realise the many benefits of having a solid regulatory framework in place. This brings big opportunities. 

A significant reason why the region is so appealing is thanks to the unique mix of an undersaturated entertainment market and the rising socio-economical state of the population. A deep understanding of the characteristics of each diverse region is imperative to realise the potential of LatAm. 

The market is rife with opportunities and they lie where regulation has been able to provide a pathway for companies considering market entry. Jackpot Software is following this template and increasing its presence on carefully selected websites and through aggregators who share our creative philosophy. 

27GG is increasing its presence in Mexico and Brazil, what do you expect to happen in these markets in 2023? 

27th Gaming Group has long seen Mexico and Brazil as key to its future when the time is right and the correct regulation has been rolled out. 

Plenty of changes have been happening within Brazil following the elections and it’s made the path forward a little more complicated, but there is still plenty of positive momentum. Most of the Brazilian states are getting ready for the launch of the lottery vertical. 

Each week we are seeing bids being announced, lottery departments being set up and regulation strategies being discussed. Mexico is the largest LatAm land-based regulated market and is excellently placed to become a major global player. We expect this to be an interesting blend of current operators and new entrants hoping to tap into this huge growth opportunity.

We have local offices in both countries as we believe that it is vital in providing a truly localisation iGaming service. Installation plans are afoot for Mexico and we have an eye on the Brazilian lottery business. 

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