Hong Kong reduces gaming addiction

Hong Kong

The study was held by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

According to an official study about Hong Kong’s residents’ participation in the gaming industry, problems related to it have been reduced.

China.- Participation of residents at gaming services in Hong Kong has been decreasing in the last few years, according to an official study held by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and shared by Calvin Ayre. The percentage of gaming addiction among regional inhabitants has been reduced since 2001.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University report shows that residents’ problematic participation at gambling services was 77.8 percent in 2001. Since then, the percentage was reduced to 62.3 percent in 2012 and 61.5 percent last year. As experts state, the reduction could be explained by society’s lack of interest in the new industry once they adapt to it.

However, the study also proves that Hong Kong inhabitants are actively betting on online gaming sites as well as on casinos worldwide, especially in neighbour Macau. 8.4 percent of them travels to Macau to consume casino services, whilst a 0.6 percent chose to reserve vacations at local cruise casino ships.

Furthermore, the University’s report calculated the average monthly spent in gambling activities by Hong Kong residents. According to the study, the results were HKD160 (US$20.60) for Marx Six betting sector, HKD424 (US$54.71) for social gambling, HKD5,610 (US$723) for race betting, and HKD1,600 (US$206) for football betting rose.