Hayk Sargsyan: “Our goals at G2E are to continue raising market awareness of the Galaxsys brand as a leader in providing crash and fast games”

Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan.
Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan.

Galaxsys CEO shares his expectations for G2E Las Vegas 2023, the company’s latest product developments, and their plans for the near future.

Exclusive interview.- Ahead of Galaxsys’ participation in G2E Las Vegas, Hayk Sargsyan, the company’s CEO, shares insights on their expectations for the event and anticipates which games and features will Galaxsys be introducing at the exhibition. He also revealed their plans for the last part of the year.

Galaxsys will showcase its portfolio at G2E Las Vegas. How important is this event to you?

The Global Gaming Expo is one of the land-based and igaming’s most prominent industry events within the annual trade calendar. It is attended by an international audience of the industries and supply chains’ top companies and executives.

As the event takes place in the fall or autumn season, it’s a great show to see what innovations took place in the first 9 or 10 months of the year, but also, the event provides a forward look into ideas, products, and innovations for 2024. Therefore, the show is an excellent platform for showcasing your products and can inspire you for the next 12 months ahead. 

What are your goals for the event?

Our goals are to continue raising market awareness of the Galaxsys brand as a leader in providing crash and fast games. Galaxsys offers a wide variety of games, including Crash type games, table games (like Blackjack and Roulette X), Card games, Turbo games, Lottery type games, Dice games, Bingo, and in-game promotion tools designed to assist player engagement and revenue generation.  

“We would like to showcase this variety to operators so that Galaxsys can provide an extensive game library to their players and add value to the business / brand.”

Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan.

What specific games and features will Galaxsys be introducing at G2E Las Vegas 2023?

Galaxsys shall be showcasing at G2E games that include Ninja Crash, Totem, Magic Dice, Bingo Star, Lotto Boom, and Turbo Mines; all are visually stunning graphically and space-themed instant games with unique bonus features, exclusive content, in-game promo tools like Leaderboard and Freebet bonuses.

These features are designed to engage players within the game session and are sure to captivate a brand’s players. Galaxsys games are known for their innovative features and mechanics. Players can explore games with bonus rounds, buy bonus features, Lightning bonus (an alternative to the classic cashback bonus type), in-game Leaderboard, and interactive elements that keep players engaged and entertained.

2023 has been an exciting year for Galaxsys, with new partnerships and releases. What is the analysis you make of the year so far?

As a business, we now service over 100+ tier 1 operators and aggregators with our content portfolio and are proud of our success across several regulated markets. We have signed several distribution partnerships with leading igaming operators and platforms in various global markets. These partnerships enable us to extend the reach of our games, and by working with established tier-1 operators, we can leverage their existing player base and infrastructure to introduce our games to new markets.

In recent months, the company has been able to expand and reach new markets. How are you managing this growth, and which markets are you targeting in the future?

We have a growing team of over 60+ professionals within the business that continues expanding to serve our customers. Our games were recently certified in Switzerland, Greece, and Columbia; continental Europe and Latin America continue to be growth markets for our game’s portfolio.    

What are your plans for the last part of the year?

We plan to continue releasing more games until the year and ensure digital content excellence from a product and service delivery level to all our partners.

We have significant ambitions for 2024 and will only rest once we complete and exceed our goals as a business and for all our partners. 

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