Hamza Afifi: “It was extraordinary to go back to in-person networking”

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.
Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet, spoke to Focus Gaming News about the challenges in the industry during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, the next in-person shows the company will attend and its plans for the future.

Exclusive interview.- Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet, granted an exclusive interview to Focus Gaming News to discuss the company’s attendance at recent in-person shows, Soft2Bet‘s 5th anniversary and what the company is planning for SiGMA Malta in November.

Soft2Bet has attended two of the most important events of the industry – SBC Barcelona and iGB Live. How was the experience, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 had conferences and events shift online, and to some, this came as a relief throughout social distancing and lockdown periods. However, I believe there is no replacing the experience of meeting face-to-face and interacting over a cup of coffee or feeling that familiar buzz from an exhibitions hall. 

So, it was definitely extraordinary to go back to in-person networking. Starting with SBC Barcelona, we can slowly see the end of what has been a challenging year. The conference made us feel that there’s a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel because of how many people attended. 

On the other hand, at iGB Live, we were impressed by the outstanding organization and health checks at the entrance to the halls. We had a Covid-free event without masks and could network in a safe environment alike.

What were your impressions regarding the major industry talking points at the events?

iGaming events have always been an excellent venue for sharing views and approaches to make our businesses work. The entirety of topics applied to the industry, overall business practices, the improvement of the industry over the past year, and which novel approaches we should integrate into day-to-day operations. 

The speakers contributed to not only the technical aspect but shared what they had seen at other companies during the pandemic that changed business life as we once knew it. 

All the speakers at the events have helped make the conferences memorable, making a mark on us and boosting the events’ reputation. 

The lineup was diverse and well-balanced, having presented an impactful program both times. The speakers’ objectives and expertise fit into the overall events narrative and the panels, providing us valuable insights, experiences, tips and tricks, and much more.

How did Soft2Bet overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Soft2Bet knows that how leaders behave during critical times leaves a durable mark on the company and its people. That is why we took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic by focusing on the employees and making sure they developed themselves. 

Despite the pandemic being a challenge for our business culture and management practices, we effectively communicated, planned, and stayed consistent. 

That is because we know that people are the most valuable asset to our business. 

“We supported our employees, which has helped the entire business grow and expand significantly for this period.”

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.

Do you think the Covid-19 pandemic made the iGaming industry quickly evolve?

With stay-at-home orders in force for most of the population, people search for ways to spend time. And, of course, with the worry of the virus continuing to spread in physical places, land-based casinos alike, we see more gamers take advantage of the online accessibility and play online casino games

Our industry has effectively and successfully been able to go from strength to strength, even despite the pandemic. More than ever, we have seen interest and investment in modern concepts in gambling. So, thanks to this expansion, players and online casinos alike can continue to enjoy this ever-evolving business. 

So, to answer the question – the iGaming industry is expanding despite the pandemic, but one thing is for sure. Covid-19 has put the industry and our company alike through a multitude of challenges, which have helped us take different approaches and develop further.

Soft2Bet will be present at SiGMA Malta in November. Are you preparing something special for this event? What can we expect to see from Soft2Bet at SiGMA?

SiGMA represents the last large conference of such an exceptional event period. And, Soft2Bet plans to have a dynamic exhibit that will give attendees a first-hand experience that beats a brochure or video presentation any day. 

We are preparing multiple surprises for our partners and will also bring the famous cocktail that was a hit for all the iGB attendees. 

From start to finish, we will put in the effort to exhibit our products and highlight their features the right way, as well as help make the conference a valuable one for partners.

The company has recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. What was the balance of what has been done so far? Can we expect the launch of new products in the coming months?

Soft2Bet is delivering the solutions that redefine how people view iGaming. Our future business plan is a flexible and dynamic tool that always includes new add-ons. And thanks to our team, we’re able to do this with speed, agility, and quality. 

We have a multitude of plans for the future, as well as new products and services that we plan to deliver to our customers. We are also working on acquiring new licenses to strengthen our presence in other regulated markets. 

Of course, the plans are extremely ambitious, so stay tuned to see what Soft2Bet is up to.

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