Gold Rush owner sues Illinois Gaming Board

Gold Rush owner sues Illinois Gaming Board

The owner of Gold Rush claims that the Illinois Gaming Board has leaked sensitive information to three federal agencies.

US.- Rick Heidner, owner of Gold Rush Amusements, says that an Illinois Gaming Board employee has leaked a ton of sensitive information to three federal agencies in a data breach that was revealed last month.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Heidner is taking the local regulator to court with a US$4 million lawsuit filed this week. He claims that the employee leaked personal data and financial information “intentionally and illegally”. He also said that the board made things worse with unfair and improper actions that hurt his reputation and ended up jeopardizing his Tinley Park racino deal.

Marcus Fruchter, IGB administrator, notified state legislative leaders of a data breach around the first week of January. He said that “an IGB employee may have improperly accessed confidential information on IGB licensees and applicants and disclosed this information without authorization or justification to three federal government entities.”

While Fruchter says that it’s an isolated incident involving one employee who acted alone and outside of his duties, he failed to mention how the leaked information hurt people like Heidner.

Heidner said that the board notified him on January 31, almost a month after the leak, that his information had been improperly accessed, including sensitive financial records and personal information not only about him but also his family, children, and dozens of business partners.

“Despite requiring licensees and associated individuals to hand over a veritable treasure trove of their most sensitive data, the evidence will show that the IGB’s approach to protecting Mr Heidner’s data has been careless and cavalier, at best,” Heidner’s attorneys said in a suit filed in the Illinois Court of Claims.

The owner believes that the leak started in October after a report tied his business to mob connections and search warrants. Governor J.B. Pritzker ended up cancelling his racino plan. Heidner says that the employee purposely leaked the information to fuel negative media coverage.

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