Gaming law is pushed in Brazil

Brazil casinos

Credits: CIENIC.

The latest report on Brazil’s effort to legalise the gaming industry showed that there is a big support from the public.

Brazil.- Paraná Pesquisas, a Brazilian research firm, released this week the latest report on a national plan to legalise the casino industry. According to the document, the legislative gaming project has been gaining further support from Brazilian residents and political representatives, as JD1 Noticias reported and Casino News Daily quoted.

Although the debates in Congress on casino legislation have been interrupted with the national political, economic and social crisis after the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff and public demands for corruption against current President Michel Temer, experts have updated information regarding future gaming plans.

The report shows that the pubic support on casino legalisation grew to 45.7 percent, whilst 45.5 percent of interviewed residents rejected the measure. The prospect of having such a huge market in Latin America has attracted some of the biggest operators’ attention and there already are rumours of casino projects in the country.

The Operation Car Wash scandal involving a huge number of politicians has pushed back any other issues to be discussed at the National Congress and it’s still uncertain when the gambling industry is going to be able to arrive in the country. Despite uncertainty, casino giants Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Caesars Entertainment still have Brazil under their radar as a potential market.