GambleAware commits £2.5m to UK Gambling Education Hubs

GambleAware plans to expand its educational hubs to England and Wales.
GambleAware plans to expand its educational hubs to England and Wales.

The charity GambleAware will expand its Gambling Education Hubs across England and Wales. 

UK.- GambleAware has committed £2.5m to expand its Gambling Education Hubs network in England and Wales following the model of its Scottish Gambling Education Hub Service. 

The responsible gambling charity has issued tenders for the design and delivery of hubs in England and Wales that will aim to educate young people on the risks of gambling.

The Scottish hubs, on which the new initiative will be based, are run by Edinburgh-based youth work body Fast Forward. They provide training to youth sector workers to develop work with families and formal education.

Bidders for the new tenders will have to include “lived experience of gambling harms” in the development of content. They will also be evaluated on their programmes’ diversity and inclusion policies in a bid to ensure wide coverage. 

GambleAware said: “As a result of the training, youth practitioners, teachers and youth organisations should have an increased awareness and understanding of the risks related to gambling and the impact of gambling harms, as well as what services are available to young people.”

GambleAware has announced a series of new hires as part of a major restructuring. It’s hired a new chief operations officer, chief commissioning officer and chief communications officer, a research, information and knowledge director, a head of programme and project management, leads for prevention and evaluation, and a fundraising and engagement manager.

Last month, it also announced that it was committing £4m to help fund what will be the first academic research hub in the UK specialising in gambling harm and societal impact.  

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