Galaxsys shares 2022 marketing highlights and plans for 2023

Gor Chatyan, head of marketing at Galaxsys.
Gor Chatyan, head of marketing at Galaxsys.

Galaxsys’ head of marketing, Gor Chatyan shares the marketing highlights from 2022 and talks about the plans the company has for 2023.

Press release.- Galaxsys, a rising player in the iGaming industry, is proud to share its marketing highlights from 2022 and preview its plans for 2023. The company recently participated in its first event of the year – ICE London, showcasing its latest offerings and receiving positive feedback from industry professionals and attendees. To make a lasting impression, Galaxsys launched its latest campaign, “View from the Illuminator”, which was incorporated into its stand design and given as gifts to attendees.

In an exclusive interview with Galaxsys’ head of marketing, Gor Chatyan, he spoke about his motivation for joining the team and building the marketing department from the ground up. Gor stated, “The people I met on my first visit to the company were the main motivation for me to join the team.

“Their approach to game creation and the unique way the product, design, and development teams work together on a project left a lasting impression on me. Their focus on analyzing customer behaviour and delivering unique experiences was inspiring, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

In 2022, the marketing team played a crucial role in Galaxsys’ presence at more than 8 global events, including the highly successful ICE London. The team was responsible for event strategy, branding, marketing materials, and stand setup. They also managed lead generation, follow-up with attendees, and evaluated the results of each event.

Galaxsys’ marketing efforts and the company’s commitment to innovation led to three prestigious awards in its first year of operation, a testament to the team’s vision, mission, talent, and passion.

Gor stated, “Building a strong and effective marketing team that aligns with Galaxsys’ culture, workflow, and values was a major challenge for me, but with the support of our CEO and the entire Galaxsys family, I was successful. Now, Galaxsys has one of the best marketing teams in the industry.”

In 2023, Galaxsys plans to introduce over 30 new games, most of which will be unique to the market. The head of marketing spoke about the company’s success, saying “Galaxsys’ success is driven by its clear vision and mission, talented team, commitment to innovation, focus on customer satisfaction, and strong partnerships. Galaxsys is passionate about delivering innovative and high-quality products to its customers and has a clear understanding of what it wants to achieve.”

This year looks to be even more promising for the team as they continue to build on their strong foundation. Galaxsys invites everyone to stay updated on its new developments via social media and be the first to know its next destination. 

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