Gabriele De Lorenzi: “We’re ready to take off to a prosperous 2022”

Gabriele De Lorenzi, Director at WorldMatch.
Gabriele De Lorenzi, Director at WorldMatch.

WorldMatch finishes the year with new products, nice feedback from customers and many plans for the year to come.

Exclusive interview.- Gabriele De Lorenzi, Director at WorldMatch spoke with Focus Gaming News about the biggest achievements WorldMatch reached throughout the year, what was it like to return to in-person events and prospects for next year.

This year you won “Mobile Supplier of the Year” at the Starlet Awards, how much importance do you give to awards and nominations?

There are many awards in the industry, we only participate in the most important ones. It is very satisfying to win because when WorldMatch wins a prize the whole team is winning and the work of everyone is recognized. 

What would you say was the company’s biggest achievement in 2021?

We had different goals for 2021, there was a consolidation of the results, and a bigger penetration on newly regulated markets.

This year you were able to participate in the return of the in-person events, like SiGMA Malta, what was the most important aspect of these experiences?

The best thing about the return of in-person events was the human contact, we finally got to have that human interaction again and not only relationships based on calls. 

“It was great to start new work relationships, see consolidated work partners and meet new ones.”

Gabriele De Lorenzi, Director at WorldMatch.

On the other hand, we can still see the effects of Covid, some events had a really small flow of people and didn’t satisfy our expectations. 

What was the operator’s feedback about your latest product releases?

We recently launched a new product, widget games. We had nice feedback, these games are very requested from the operators and players. We’re planning on launching more new games in this style. 

Can we expect any new launches in the coming months? What are your aspirations for the year to come?

Yes, of course, we already planned our launches calendar for 2022. There will be important news from the first months of the year. 

“We’re very excited for what’s coming ahead, we’re ready to take off to a prosperous 2022.”

Gabriele De Lorenzi, Director at WorldMatch.

On the other hand, we have new deals and partnerships coming to enrich the SlotBar’s portfolio, not only with exclusive titles for the Italian market but also for Latam and Spanish markets as well. 

After being present and having a leading role in all the main operators of the Italian market, our plans for 2022 foresee consolidation in Italy and growth in the market of the Iberian Peninsula and Latam. 

Furthermore, we have planned development of activities that find in EGS the opportunity to offer a variety of games even wider and different.”

Do you think in 2022 the industry will finally recover from the pandemic crisis?

We’re not sure, it’s really hard to make any prediction. We don’t know how Covid-19 is going to evolve or what will happen. We hope for the best.

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