Future has come: What Trueplay will show at ICE London

Future has come: What Trueplay will show at ICE London

ICE London will take place from February 7 to 9 at ExCel London.

Press release.- ICE London 2023 will be the first significant gaming event in 2023, gathering the industry’s professionals, businesses, and game changers from all over the world. Among them is Trueplay, a Ukrainian company providing tokenized loyalty programs for iGaming.

Having already proven a positive effect on key business metrics, the Trueplay team has no doubts: their product will change the face of the industry. And here’s how.

Retention comes true

“Traffic acquisition is easy, and currently, the market has a lot to offer for this. But the more complicated question is how to retain users and make them choose your platform time after time. That’s what we’re focused on,” says Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay.

Trueplay gives impressive figures from their partner platforms, who have already implemented the loyalty programs: up to 5.2 times higher retention within six months, better ARPPU of 67.4%, and 148% higher traffic ROI.

Easy integration and a single set-up fee make Trueplay even more attractive for businesses, no further development is needed, so casinos don’t have to overspend on human resources.

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How Trueplay works

Within the last year alone, Trueplay has developed two loyalty programs named Play to Earn and Hold to Earn. Though they are blockchain-based, the mechanics are simple both for operators and casino users.

Trueplay helps casinos issue branded tokens and share them with players as a percentage of GGR. Players get rewarded with tokens each time they bet through the platform. They can also stake tokens for a certain time to come back later and play more with the outcome.

“It seems innovative in terms of what we see today in the industry, but Trueplay is the alternative working on basic human desires and behaviour. The first is trust: users see your real GGR, hashed in the blockchain, so they are sure there’s no way they can be deceived with groundless promises such as winning 5 million dollars a time,” explains Alex Antsyferov.

“The whole industry is about one button: ‘BET’.”

Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay.

And he adds: “The second point is tangibility players came to earn, so they get a real digital asset instead of empty bonuses, such as magic crystals. We’ve found the insight and strike players with what they need, and casinos instantly profit from that.”

Welcome to the Web 3 era

The Trueplay team aims to change how we operate and interact with each other throughout the industry, not waiting for changes to come by themselves. That’s why they carry out brands from Web 2 to Web 3 by tokenizing them with a high level of security.

Internet technology has evolved, offering us new communication opportunities with greater data protection. From this perspective, the fast-growing iGaming industry going Web 3 seems unavoidable. Alas, it steadfastly resists.

“We’re trying to bring something complicated to the status quo that has been here for 10-15 years. The whole industry is about one button: ‘BET’. So we make it possible for brands to move to the Web 3 without getting wired about all that development stuff they may come across when discovering new growth opportunities,” claims Alex Antsyferov.

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“We enter the future of iGaming. And we believe it is built on transparency, mutually beneficial for all participants”, the Trueplay team believes.

What’s coming in 2023

Trueplay has finished 2022 by adding several promising features and expanding the horizon for casinos ready to go far beyond traditional schemes. Those are the social network module, allowing operators to promote their social media pages inside Trueplay, and Notification Service to keep users aware of their token balance change. Trueplay is available in 15 languages as of the beginning of the year.

What Trueplay has planned for 2023 is integrating MetaMask log-in or other wallets, improving TokenSales mechanics, NFT avatars for users, tournaments option, and much more.

The Trueplay team is open for meetings on this year’s ICE, ExCel London, 7-9 February.

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