Alex Antsyferov, Trueplay: “The biggest challenge is retention”

Alex Antsyferov, CBO of Trueplay.
Alex Antsyferov, CBO of Trueplay.

Alex Antsyferov, CBO of Trueplay, rounds up the year and forecasts the challenges ahead in online gaming retention.

Exclusive interview.- As we come to the end of 2022, Focus Gaming News caught up with Alex Antsyferov, CBO of Trueplay, to discover how the company has stayed unique this past year and how online gaming can ensure retention in 2023.

Online gaming thrived during the pandemic. What do you think the big challenges have
been for online casinos this year as much of the world got back to usual?

As you mentioned correctly, pandemic times were “golden” times for the industry. Suddenly user
acquisition became as easy as ever before, but when people started to come back to normal life
the question of retention appeared. How do we make players stay on the platform? It doesn’t
matter how many thousands of players you have attracted in 2020, if 99% of them left at that
point it can’t be a success. The biggest challenge, the biggest pain point is retention, no doubt.

What’s Trueplay been doing to address this challenge?

A tool that we created has one major feature – it deals with retention. We made it right from the
beginning when thinking of the main focus of our product. Casinos are struggling with retention
rate and we have the exact recipe of how to deal with it, and we know it does work.

What makes a successful retention program for online casinos in the current
competitive climate?

I wouldn’t say the climate is competitive. Well, yes, we can see a lot of programs that give away
free spins, bonuses, etc, but that’s not something unique. Players have seen thousands of similar
approaches and are not impressed. But what if you offer crypto cashback for bets? An
opportunity to stake crypto tokens and get even more? Uniqueness is what plays a huge role and
we are sure our product is unique and lovable by players.

“Casinos are struggling with retention rate and we have the exact recipe of how to deal with it, and we know it does work.”

Alex Antsyferov, CBO of Trueplay.

Trueplay recently added welcome staking to its Hold To Earn loyalty program. Can you
tell us a little about that?

Sure. Welcome staking is a great way to show players what staking is. Usually, staking programs
can last from 1 hour to 3 days, which is a lot for a first-timer, but it is great when a player is
already involved. With the welcome staking, players can test it out and see its benefits so that
you can make sure you’ll have more loyal customers later.

Do you think retention strategies are going to have to continue to evolve?

Absolutely. With the big amount of online casinos nowadays and their similarity, there should be
something to help the brands stand out, attract new customers and retain the old ones. Thinking
of retention means thinking smart, and I’m sure this strategy will work out long-term.

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