Finland’s Veikkaus launches B2B subsidiary Fennica Gaming

Veikkaus was enabled to offer international services in Finland
Veikkaus was enabled to offer international services in Finland

Fennica Gaming will provide gaming services and products to corporate customers internationally. 

Finland.- The state-controlled monopoly gaming operator Veikkaus has announced the launch of an international B2B subsidiary Fennica Gaming. The business will provide gaming services and products to corporate customers in international markets.

The launch of Fennica Gaming was facilitated by Finland’s new Lotteries Act passed earlier this year, which allowed Veikkaus to expand its business and begin international B2B operations.

Fennica Gaming managing director Timo Kiiskinen, formerly Fennica Gaming SVP for new business at Veikkaus, said: “The long and thorough preparations are now over, and we have launched the new business operations. We are experiencing historic moments in our industry. The new company enables us to commercialise the gambling industry expertise that we have in Finland.”

Joni Hovi, SVP of Fennica Gaming, said: “We are working passionately to develop our customers’ game business through high-quality gaming content, reliable solutions, and responsible player understanding. In our view, it is always important to think about the players. We are more than glad to help operators find the best customer solution to develop their business.”

Veikkaus eInstants now available in Norway and Sweden

Fennica Gaming has already signed its first business contract with the Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance As (LEIA). The first gambling companies to adopt games by Fennica Gaming are Norway’s Norsk Tipping, and Svenska Spel.

Veikkaus eInstant games Sinnatagger (Äkäpussit), and Tuttifrutti (Fruttis) have been available on Norsk Tipping’s website since April 20, Gullfeber (Kulta-Jaska) from April 26 and Fugleflokken (Nokkapokka) from May 2. In Sweden, players have had access to Nokkapokka since April 25. 

Hans Erland Ringsvold, head of gaming operations at Norsk Tipping, said: “Norsk Tipping has followed the development of eInstants at Veikkaus with keen interest over many years. We are building up a new portfolio of games in an entertainment category we call Yezz, and the games from Fennica with innovative game play, modern Scandinavian design and interesting game logic are an important addition to this portfolio. 

“This initiative supports our endeavours to encourage our players to adopt games involving lower risks of generating problematic player behaviour. It is, as such, also one of Norsk Tipping’s many effective measures to promote responsible gaming.

“Fennica Gaming’s new business operations are a giant leap towards the new, and a huge chance for us to use the experience that the people at Fennica have been gathering for decades in the field of digital gaming business.”

Veikkaus’ revenue fell by 12.7 per cent in 2021 caused by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on land-based casinos and slots and also Veikkaus’ own tighter responsible gaming measures which led to layoffs at the company. Some staff were moved to the new land-based casino Casino Tampere.

The operator has also reported that its reduced loss limits cut problem gambling to a record low.

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