FBM Foundation and General Touch make joint emergency response

A joint emergency response to the people of Isabela Province.
A joint emergency response to the people of Isabela Province.

The organizations distribute essential kits with food and hygiene supplies for the Isabela population.

Press release.- Hard challenges demand big responses and Typhoon Florita produced significant effects on the Philippine people living in the Isabela Province. The damage caused by the tropical storm affected different areas of society, raising the attention of the FBM Foundation and General Touch for this problem.

The two organizations coordinated a humanitarian action with the help of eleven volunteers on the field and distributed essential goods to give an important push to the community in its fight to return to normal routines.

For Vítor Francisco, Director at FBM Foundation, “The unfortunate situations as the one that people are experiencing in the Isabela Province are the reason why FBM Foundation exists. We are thrilled to have the opportunity of helping this community and make an effective contribution to their recovery with the help of General Touch. We hope that this can be the first step of a quick and sustainable comeback for this region of the Philippines”, mentions Vitor Francisco.

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General Touch made a contribution to this cause with a financial donation of 10,000 USD to the FBM Foundation. This amount allowed FBM Foundation to produce essential kits to help in the recovery mission of Isabela’s population. Each kit contained food (rice, canned goods and noodles) and hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo and soap) for daily use.

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