Dutch report recommends mandatory gambling limits 

The NRV has published a report on gambling in the Netherlands.
The NRV has published a report on gambling in the Netherlands.

The National Rapporteur on Addictions has submitted 22 opinions to the Ministry of Justice.

The Netherlands.- The Dutch National Rapporteur on Addictions (NRV) has submitted 22 opinions on gambling limits, advertising and addiction prevention policies to the Ministry of Justice in a report on the impacts of gambling on health. These include a recommendation to introduce mandatory play limits for casino games.

Authored by Dr Arnt FA Schellekens, the recommendation proposes a play limit system based on that of Germany. Schellekens says limits should be placed on the country’s 21 licensed online casinos to protect customers. It suggests that applying customisable limits based on proof of affordability could help avoid the risk of an impact on channelisation.

The NRV has also recommended that the Ministry of Justice review “high-risk games” and restrict or ban games the player cannot influence, such as fruit machines. It suggested advertising exposure should be limited to people actively seeking gambling information.

It said it believed there was a “clear relationship between exposure to advertising and a higher participation in gambling” and that customers should be warned of health consequences as with tobacco. The Netherlands has already introduced a ban on non-targeted gambling advertising. It is not clear how the NRV’s suggestion would define players that are seeking gambling information.

The NRV has also proposed that operators be held accountable for gambling-related damages if they neglect investigation and duty of care. It noted that Austrian legislation imposes a responsibility on licensees to conduct active investigation, duty of care and affordability checks if they suspect excessive gaming behaviour. If licensees fail to investigate, they can be held liable for damage caused by the excessive behaviour.

Legal protection minister Franc Weerwind, who has responsibility for gambling policy, has previously suggested that imposing play limits was not an option in the Netherlands. However, the Ministry of Justice has said that it will look at reforming gambling legislation next year following requests from the National gambling regulator, the KSA.

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