DraftKings set to unmask DDoS attackers

DraftKings DDoS attack

DraftKings was victim of a DDoS attack on August 8. (Credits: thesslstore.com)

The operator has been cleared by a federal judge to get information from cloud service providers to gain access to the attackers.

US.- Back on August 8, DraftKings was the victim of a DDoS assault that brought its website down for 26 minutes. After filing a complaint with the US District Court for Massachusetts, the company has been authorised by a federal judge to subpoena internet service providers in order to unmask the attackers.

The company has contacted several ISPs to uncover the identities of the assailants and has received partial information about it. DraftKings even contacted co-location and cloud services provider ColoCrossing as it claims 75% of the attack came from some of its clients. ColoCrossing said the IP addresses tracked by DraftKings were leased or operated by a Romanian proxy service provider and said the latter would “advise and deal with these issues,” but there hasn’t been an answer from them yet.

Furthermore, the daily fantasy sports and sports betting operator accused ColoCrossing of refusing to provide them with any information regarding the alleged attackers without a subpoena, which is why they have – successfully – filed a complaint with the Massachusetts court. After federal Judge Mark Wolf issued the order authorising DraftKings to subpoena the companies to obtain the user information, the company has taken another step to unmask the attackers.

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