Diego Mejia, TransAct: “We have always thought that the Latin American market is very important”

Tracey Chernay, Senior Vice President, Global Casino, Gaming and Lottery and Diego Mejia, Sales Manager - Casino & Gaming.
Tracey Chernay, Senior Vice President, Global Casino, Gaming and Lottery and Diego Mejia, Sales Manager - Casino & Gaming.

Diego Mejia sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about the products the company will be presenting at the Peru Gaming Show and to share the company’s vision of the Latin American gaming market.

Exclusive interview.- TransAct is preparing for a new edition of the Peru Gaming Show, one of the most important events for the industry in the Latin American market.

To find out what TransAct’s expectations are regarding this event and its perspectives on the emerging Latin American market, Focus Gaming News spoke with Diego Mejia, sales manager – casino & gaming.

TransAct will attend the Peru Gaming Show. What do you expect to achieve at the event?

TransAct wants to take advantage of the opportunities that these types of events present, to reconnect with the gaming industry in Latin America and thus be able to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and partners. All of us have been through very difficult times of high levels of uncertainty and stress and we believe that from now on TransAct will be in a better position to further strengthen its presence in the market with high-quality competitive products and services.

Can we expect TransAct to introduce any new innovative content at the showcase?

We will be presenting our new TITO ticket printer, the acclaimed Epic Edge. Unique in the market with the highest printing resolution of 300 DPI, which guarantees sharper printing, substantially improving the acceptance and reading of barcodes of any size. It also incorporates a multi-protocol communication card, thus allowing the casino operation to have fewer inconveniences when replacing or maintaining this type of equipment. New and improved sensors, resistant to the hostile environments of casinos, being able to resist levels of smoke, high humidity, dryness, dust residues, or paper cutting residues, guaranteeing better functionality and almost zero downtime. 

We believe that this printer will make history in the market, just like our previous model, the Epic 950, a printer that has been in the industry for 17 years, competing with the different models in the industry.

We will also have on display our promotional coupon system, Epicentral, which allows casino operators, regardless of what management system (CMS) they have, to print promotional tickets aimed at players, all while they are betting directly on the slot machine. These promotions can be configured according to the different game levels, for example, COIN-IN, game session time, number of bets, points accumulated per customer, etc.; and all the possible combinations of these variables, allowing the marketing department to have a very powerful tool to directly address their customers and thus be able to have added value of the conventional hardware that is in the casino.

We will include the desktop application printer, EDGE-TT, which allows casino operators to have a TITO Ticket printer for their customer service department, player’s club, or tills, where tickets can be printed without the need for a slot machine or a service kiosk.

What is your vision of the Latin American gaming market?

We have always thought that the Latin American market is very important due to its constant expansion and potential. We know, however, that we are in a transition period, where all of us are doing our part, to return to pre-pandemic levels and revive our industry. We believe that the industry will soon be at these levels, and for that, we will be willing to strengthen our presence and efforts to continue offering high reliability and quality products that truly help the operation and business of casinos.

Is there any alliance in particular that you would be interested in achieving to strengthening your presence in the Latin American market?

Yes, we are seeking to be able to develop alliances in the main local markets, with renowned and experienced companies, to improve coverage, not only from sales but from support and service. TransAct wants to accompany all our clients in a closer and more accessible way, and for this, we want to start with distribution partnerships that can guarantee a presence at a local level. We already had a very good approach at the last SAGSE in Buenos Aires, and we plan to do the same in Peru and most likely in Colombia.

“We are seeking to be able to develop alliances in the main local markets.”

Diego Mejia, sales manager – Casino & Gaming.

What’s your approach to business’ transformation post-Covid regarding cryptocurrency?

We are focused on the different options for market transformation, especially geared towards the digital part. TransAct is supporting its engineering team towards the different software proposals on the market and we believe that through our systems we can promote these developments to offer other options to the industry and incorporate these new collection/payment modalities. A perfect example can be the incorporation of Epicentral.

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