Delaware could become first state to offer sports betting

The recently legalised sports betting industry could launch in Delaware as early as June.

US.- It is common knowledge that New Jersey has been the front-runner to become the first state to offer sports betting, as it was the one that went farther to question the Act that prohibited states from engaging in the activity. However, Delaware might be the first to take advantage from the Supreme Court ruling, as its governor said that there are no legal obstacles from preventing the state from expanding its current sports betting system.

The Delaware Department of Finance, in consultation with the Attorney General’s Office, has determined that there are no legal obstacles to moving forward with full-scale sports betting in Delaware including head-to-head-betting, which permits single-game wagering. Under state law passed in 2009, Delaware may authorize betting on professional and collegiate sports, with the exception of games involving Delaware-based teams. The Department is expected to begin training lottery and casino staff this week in preparation for a June launch of full-scale sports betting in Delaware.

Finance Secretary Rick Geisenberger said: “Following Monday’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court and consultation with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, we are confident that Delaware has the legal and regulatory authority to authorize sports gaming in Delaware.

“The Delaware Lottery has had plans in place for months, and we will begin training lottery and casino staff early next week. We will continue to provide public updates as we prepare to launch full-scale sports gaming in Delaware next month.”

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