Dallmeier Panomera 360° cameras and Casino Automation Technology shortlisted for European Casino Awards 2023

The Dallmeier Panomera W8 stands for next generation gaming floor surveillance. Picture credits: Dallmeier electronic.
The Dallmeier Panomera W8 stands for next generation gaming floor surveillance. Picture credits: Dallmeier electronic.

Dallmeier Panomera 360° cameras and Casino Automation Technology were shortlisted for  “Best new innovative product” and “Best table gaming product.”

Press release.- After a lively participation and more entries than last year, the finalists for the European Casino Awards 2023 have been announced. Dallmeier, an expert in video technology for casinos, has once again demonstrated its innovative strength and has even been shortlisted in two categories: Panomera W8 360° cameras as “Best new innovative product” and the Casino Automation Technology CAT as “Best table gaming product”. 

Panomera W8: Much more than a typical “Multi-Imager” or “Panorama camera”

The Dallmeier Panomera W8 camera ensures greater user-friendliness, higher objective security, greater efficiency and cost savings in casinos.

The Panomera W8 is a “true” 360° camera with 4K resolution ensuring a really complete 360° coverage without a “blind spot” below the camera. Six sensors are arranged in a circle, a seventh sensor covers the overall scene and an eighth sensor captures the blind spot below the camera.

From these eight images, the software then “stitches” a complete image of the “half-sphere” around the camera location that has been captured without gaps. And now comes the clue: Within this “overview image”, multiple operators can open any number of detail areas with a mouse-click and zoom in and move around in these areas as if it was a PTZ cam. 

Best new innovative product

Thanks to the Dallmeier Panomera W8, success rate and efficiency in incident management increase significantly. Casino operators who use such systems report that they regularly reduce the time needed from the detection of an incident to the resolution – e.g. by catching an offender – by a factor of up to ten or more.

Furthermore, the overall costs for monitoring the gaming floor are reduced. Although the costs per camera are higher than a PTZ system, far fewer cameras need to be installed. The resulting savings in installation, infrastructure, and maintenance as well as in operation itself outweigh the additional costs for the cameras themselves.

Best table gaming product: Casino Automation Technology (CAT)

Real-time data from gaming operations offer a high optimisation potential. Up to now, however, it has been a great challenge to efficiently capture data from table gaming and other gaming systems that are “analogue” in nature. Dallmeier Casino Automation Technology (CAT) uses existing or newly installed video technology (CCTV) and combines it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. 

CAT monitors and automates tables games, automating a wide variety of manual tasks, significantly increasing dealer efficiency and table gaming profitability. 
Picture credits: Dallmeier electronic

The consequence is a highly increased game pace since many manual and often redundant dealer tasks become obsolete / are being automated. In addition, the system identifies delays at different phases of a game.

Another key benefit is the much more effective protection against cheating and errors. For example, CAT recognizes winning patterns and detects a wide range of activities – from theft of chips to dealer errors and late bets to tampering with closed table floats. CAT can automatically trigger actions and alert systems or personnel in case of suspicious data patterns. 

CAT also enables a high-accuracy player rating that rewards loyal customers and prevents costly overrating and abuse from “comp hustlers”. The system recognizes chips and cards, provides real-time information about bet position and bet value, game pace and float value, to name just a few. 

As a result, combining better protection with automation of manual tasks and real-time, in-depth business intelligence data reduces labour costs and increases the transparency of the gaming floor.

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