Dallmeier launches the “E” version of the DOMERA camera family

Dallmeier presents a camera all-rounder from 635 euros MSRP.
Dallmeier presents a camera all-rounder from 635 euros MSRP.

Dallmeier’s modular “DOMERA” cameras introduced in 2022 are now also available in “E-versions”.

Press release.- Dallmeier introduces the “E” version of the successful, award-winning DOMERA camera family. The cameras are particularly suitable for projects where high image quality at a low price is a priority, but where, for example, AI support for video analytics is not required. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) starts at 635 Euros.

A lot of image quality for little money

The modular cameras of the Dallmeier “DOMERA” series introduced in 2022 are now also available as so-called “E-versions”. The two cameras RDF5120DN (E) and RDF5140DN (E) offer the usual high image quality with 2 MP and 5 MP resolution respectively, providing detailed images even in low light conditions. 

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function ensures optimum recording of scenes with very bright and very dark areas. In addition, the camera’s optional built-in 180-degree adaptive IR LED light provides clear black-and-white images with excellent contrast, even in total darkness. Combined with a list price of way beyond 700 Euros, the DOMERA Version E models meet the tender requirements of many video security projects.

How installers become heroes for their end customers

Users benefit from the many advantages of the DOMERA family: thanks to the modular system with various mounting options, channel partners and installers can not only cover dome camera application scenarios but also replace outdoor, box and bullet cameras. 

This offers many advantages, such as significantly better protection against spiders and better lighting thanks to the camera’s own IR illumination. Installers and channel partners will also be pleased with the Dallmeier RPoD (Remote Positioning Dome), which allows the lens to be remotely adjusted in three axes. 

This allows technicians to easily install the camera and quickly adjust the recorded scene from anywhere if requirements or customer preferences change. Time-consuming fine-tuning of the lens on a ladder or lift is now a thing of the past. 

In addition, the cameras support H.264/H.265 video compression and, thanks to ONVIF Profile S support, can be integrated into a wide range of video management systems (VMS).

Cameras “Made in Germany” available at short notice

Thomas Dallmeier, CEO, Dallmeier electronic, said: “We hear over and over again that our customers and partners highly appreciate Dallmeier products. Unfortunately, there is also a perception in the market that Dallmeier is mainly positioned in the ‘premium segment’ of B2B video security with products that offer features and functionalities that may not be needed for certain applications.

“With the DOMERA Version E cameras we now also offer solutions in the B2B camera price segment between 600 to 800 Euros, which show that quality ‘Made in Germany’ does not always have to be expensive. The camera models are ideal for applications where a first-class video image is of primary importance, but not additional functions such as AI or audio”

The DOMERA Version E cameras are available at short notice and can be purchased from Dallmeier or via the company’s world-wide partner network.

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