Crime rate in Macau rose in 1Q2017


Gaming-related crime rate was up 15.2 percent to 424 during the first quarter of 2017, partially due to a wave of gamblers introducing fake casino chips.

Macau.- Macau Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak indicated that Macau Judiciary Police filed 3502 criminal reports in the first quarter of 2017. The crime rate rose 5.1 percent in comparison to the same period of last year and gaming related crimes were up 15.2 percent to 424.

1822 persons were arrested and forwarded for prosecution, 12.8 percent more than January to March in 2016. According to Wong, gaming criminals registered increased due to an improvement in enforcement measures within gaming venues, as it was up 5 percent to 445.

Unlawful detention crimes were up 18 percent to 105 and crimes of usury reported a decrease of 16 percent. False currency crimes almost doubled the 50 reported in the first quarter of last year and reached 95. There was a total MOP$8.8 million (US$1.1 million) involved of which MOP$8.4 million were related to the use of false casino chips.

This month, gaming related arrests kept happening as six men were detained for being involved in a plan to steal casino chips from a gambler. Another case involves 11 men and women that were arrested as they are suspected of operating a loan sharking ring for an unidentified kingpin.

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