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Connecticut pushes sports betting with integrity fees

connecticut sports betting
Connecticut wants to pay leagues an integrity fee from sports betting. (Credits:

Despite most states in the US have dismissed an integrity fee for potential sports betting legislation, Connecticut has opted to favor the leagues.

US.- Connecticut is working towards getting sports betting regulated in the state but has decided to take a different path than most. Lawmakers have introduced a bill to legalise the segment which includes the controversial integrity fee professional leagues have been craving ever since they lost the battle against wagering on sports.

The bill proposed by Representative Joe Verrengia would have the sports betting segment paying 0.25% to the leagues, but they wouldn’t keep all that money. Part of it would go to a new partnership between them and the Connecticut Department of Economic Development.

“I think there’s a distinct difference here in looking to partner with professional sports teams, and in return they would get up to a certain amount of revenue with the understanding that they would create more of a presence here in the state. I believe we would be one of the first states to engage in a partnership of this kind and magnitude,” Rep. Verrengia said.

The legislator said that the leagues, or at least the NBA, favour the possibility, as he spoke with Dan Spillane, senior VP of the organisation, who is willing to explore it.

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