Complaints on iGaming rise in Russia

russia online gambling

Online gambling complaints dwarfed other categories. (Credits:

According to the country’s digital watchdog, complaints on iGaming rose to 63k in the third quarter and were higher than drug trafficking’s.

Russia.- The online gambling segment seems to be a major concern in Russia, as reported by the country’s digital watchdog, the Roskomnadzor. The telecom overseer revealed that, during the third quarter, complaints from the general public on online gambling were way higher than serious crimes like drug trafficking or even child pornography.

The Roskomandzor showed that there were 63,215 complaints (regarding suspected existing online content forbidden under Russian law) on online gambling, which was way higher than others related to serious crimes. The next-highest complaint categories were drug trafficking (19.4k complaints), child pornography (10.1k) and sites promoting suicide (9.1k).

Russians have been continuously targetted by illegal online operators during 2018, which had complaints peaking over the last months. During the first quarter of the year 86,329 complaints related to online gambling were filed, while over 206k iGaming related complaints have already been submitted in the first nine months of the year, beating – by far – any other category.

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