Chinese trade zone stalls horse racing plan

Chinese trade zone stalls horse racing plan

The plan to develop horse racing in Hainan has been delayed yet again due to “complications,” the authorities explained.

China.- A proposal in Hainan is set to develop horse racing, but not just yet. The island’s authorities have announced they have delayed the plan again because of “complications,” as they described to local media.

“Horse racing in Hainan is not gambling. Our bottom line is that Hainan will not allow [criminal activities] involving prostitution, gambling or drugs,” Mao Chaofeng, a deputy governor of Hainan province, said. “Any person who sees our plan to develop horse racing as a kind of gambling is totally mistaken.”

“My understanding is that we have not yet begun planning for horse racing,” he added and explained the guidelines for the segment won’t be released in 2019: “It is a complicated matter requiring a lot of research and study,” he explained.

The island is set to become a world-class free-trade port and tourism hub, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced, including a plan to push horse racing and “exploring a sports betting lottery and an instant lottery on large international events”, which has now been delayed.

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