Casinos rise in Malawi

The country located in the south-eastern part of Africa is thriving when it comes to the gambling industry.

Malawi.- Malawi’s gambling industry is thriving. In the last years and despite being considered as one of the least developed countries in the world, there has been a huge development in the field of gambling in Malawi.

Malawi casinos have become highly popular as they not only features slot machines, poker games and gambling tables but also because these venues are surrounded with restaurants and bars which have contributed to increase their popularity even more. Lilongwe is Malawi’s capital and house of the American Palace Pirates casino. This facility is the most famous casino in the African country. The Colony Club Casino located in Blantyre, is another favourite.

After the introduction of the Gaming Act in 1996, the Malawi gaming board was established to control the gaming industry of the country and issue licenses in order to legalise gaming premises. The main reason for the popularity and development of casinos in Malawi are the strict rules and regulation imposed on casinos. The board carries on proper inspection of slot machines and other machines at the casinos, monitors lottery draws with fairness and ensures that the winnings are paid timely.

Currently, Malawi casinos are one of the most important reasons for the growing tourism sector of the country. The gaming board is also responsible for promoting Malawi’s tourism.