Casinos in Goa face further criticism

Casinos Goa face further criticism

The Aam Aurat Admi Against Gambling urged the government to comply with what it promised and to remove all offsore casinos in Goa.

An organisation has called upon the government to remove all casinos in Goa from the Mandovi river.

India.- Casinos in Goa continue to face criticism from different sectors of society that want them out of the state. The most recent is the Aam Aurat Admi Against Gambling (AAAAG) organisation, which urged the government to comply with what it promised and remove all offshore operations.

The organisation gathers members of Goa civil society and women’s collectives and objected to the addition of gaming venues. “The Bharatiya Janata Party government had promised that the casinos would be removed from the Mandovi,” said Sabina Martins, the convenor of the organisation opposing gambling. “[late] Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had categorically stated that within four years of his tenure, the casinos would be phased out. Instead of phasing them out, the term of the existing casinos has been extended by another six months.”

AAAAG main objection is against the new Big Daddy casino, which was added after the government’s assertion.

“Amendments and regulations are made to favour casinos,” co-convenor of AAAAG, Anand Madgaoncar said. “While the world over, regulations govern casinos on the percentage of money to be given back to players, in Goa the casinos are having a field day looting them as no such regulations are implemented. There are no accountability mechanisms to check whether those employed are free from exploitation and addiction.”

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