State minister rejects new casino in India

State minister rejects new casino in India

Karnataka Tourism Minister explained he does not support a new casino in India in order to bring more tourists to the region.

India.- The gaming industry thrives in Asia, but some regions remain reluctant about it. That’s why a local minister rejected a new casino in India.

CT Ravi, Karnataka Tourism Minister, clarified he doesn’t plan to set a gaming venue to attract tourists.

“During my interaction with FKCCI, I had mentioned that many countries have promoted Tourism through Casinos. Isn’t it a fact that lakhs of Indians go abroad to play in Casinos? Can anyone stop them? At the moment, there is no proposal before Our Govt to set up Casinos here,” he said through Twitter.

Latest developments in India

Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, has announced that all local residents are banned from entering casinos and placing bets. The measure, which came into effect on February 1, includes a new regulatory body.

The new entity will be formed in the upcoming months and will be in charge of checking whether Goans are gambling or not. Sawant said that the Commercial Tax Commissioner will be appointed a Gaming Commissioner, who will enforce the ban.

“All Goans will be banned from entering casinos for playing purposes from February 1. They can continue to work in the industry, but will not be allowed to gamble,” Sawant said. “The Gaming Commission will be given the powers to formulate rules and regulations for the industry,” he added.

India’s first-ever gaming commissioner will be in charge of a dozen casinos and six offshore facilities that are legally operating in the state. Multiple casino boats have been asked to relocate in recent months, and the new commissioner will have to make sure that they comply.

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