California reopens poker room

The facility had been shutdown by state officials in August over an investigation into its finances.

US.- The 12-table poker room at 500 Club Casino located just outside Fresno, in California, reopened last week after stopping its operations for more than two weeks due to an investigation carried out by state officials over the facility’s finances.

As Fresno Bee said, the state’s Attorney General’s Office had accused the owners of the facility of not having enough money to cover the poker chips in circulation, as well as it pointed out that the 500 Club lacked sufficient records to document its chips-in-use liability. Nevertheless, gaming regulators and the card room reached an agreement, even though the details were not disclosed.

Whilst California was considering revoking the license of the poker room, it seems like the reopening means that the operator is complying with the changes requested by state regulators. 500 Club Casino said that it had more than enough money to cover the chips between the facility, the card room’s vault and the bank accounts, Card Player reported.

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