New rules endanger California card rooms

According to the segment, California card rooms could face extinction should new rules succeed in making players taking turns to act as dealer.

US.- California is soon to pass new regulations for the segment and everybody in it has voiced their concerns. According to California card rooms, their business could be in jeopardy should new rules pass.

The California Bureau of Gambling Control wants players to take turns to act as dealers at their tables. In case anyone doesn’t want to do so, play would stop. That would end current regulation, which has a dealer ready to step in should any player refuse to deal.

“No one in the card room industry relishes confronting their regulator, right?” asked California Gaming Association president Kyle Kirkland. “We wouldn’t advocate for it. However, it’s so lethal and so disruptive to our people and our communities, that we have to push back.”

“If the language that was presented today was implemented tomorrow, virtually every card room in the state would be out of business,” Kirkland said.

The California Gaming Association said card rooms employ 32,000 jobs and generate about US$1.6 billion of wages. 

Still, as ABC10 reported it seems the Bureau has yet to move forward with the regulation change. “The bureau hasn’t yet initiated the formal rule making process for it,” the news outlet quoted an official.