Calcutta High Court favours Quadrific Media

The court rejected Rajat Agarwal's plea over Spartan Poker's naming rights.
The court rejected Rajat Agarwal's plea over Spartan Poker's naming rights.

Pokerguru’s plea over the “Spartan Poker” brand’s rights was rejected by the Calcutta High Court, ending the dispute with Quadrific Media.

India.- The Calcutta High Court put an end to the litigation over Spartan Poker between Pokerguru and Quadrific Media (IPC) after rejecting the first’s plea over the rights to the brand. Rajat Agarwal (Pokerguru’s founder) had filed a civil lawsuit earlier this year against Spartan Online Poker Pvt. Ltd., which operates the website, Amin Rozani among others.

As reported by, a judge bench of the Calcutta High Court passed a detailed order in which it ruled that Spartan Online Pvt. Ltd. can’t be asked to stop using the domain name “” or the brand “Spartan Poker” as they weren’t identified with Rajat Agarwal.

Furthermore, Calcutta High Court also noted that Quadrific Media had also applied for the registration of “Spartan” before Agarwal. Even more, the founder of Pokerguru “had incurred no substantial expenditure apart from the registration of the domain name,” Glaws reports.

Even though it mostly favoured Quadrific Media, the court determined that, due to the former relation between Agarwal and the company (there is evidence of a Memorandum of Understanding and emails between the two factions), he may be able to claim a share in Spartan Poker’s profits up to December 4 2016, when he announced the launch of a website of his own.

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