British regulator produces Facebook ad guidance

British regulator produces Facebook ad guidance

The Gambling Commission has published guidance advising consumers on how to limit gambling ads.

UK.- The Gambling Commission has launched an initiative with Facebook to issue guidance to users of the social network on how to limit the number of gambling ads they see on the social network.

It will offer information on how to use Facebook’s own safety tools and settings to control adverts that appear on the social network’s newsfeed.

That will include how to hide ads by clicking on the “why am I seeing this ad?” message, how to use the ad preferences tool to choose to see fewer ads on certain topics and how to manage data to decide whether they wish to be targeted for ads based on different attributes in their profiles.

UKGC chief executive, Neil McArthur, said: “Protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling is at the heart of what we do, which is why I challenged the industry to look at how they can make better use of technology to prevent gambling-related content and adverts being seen by those individuals.

“Partnering with Facebook to produce this guidance is a welcome step for us in order to offer consumers clear, practical advice, and I hope that this will help them limit the gambling-related content they see when using the platform.”

The Commission launched an advertising technology challenge earlier in the year calling on the industry to develop ways to reduce vulnerable audiences’ exposure to gambling ads online.

Industry bodies such as the BGC have taken steps to reduce exposure among minors, with a deadline of October 1 for implementation. Members will use ad technology to “age-gate” gambling ads.

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