The Bright Group: tailor made solutions at ICE

The multinational association will be presenting its manufacturing innovating services at ICE 2016 in stand N1-140.

The Bright Group is excited to attend at the international exhibition placed in ExCel, London next February 2nd to 4th and this is what they said in an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News.

ICE will be held once again in the next weeks, what do you expect from this show?

With 20 successful years behind, TBG is a proud member of the gaming industry and therefore it is only natural that we present in major industry shows such as ICE. With our CEO Murat Aji being also present in the show, we want to let all potential customers that we are available to discuss their needs for lower cost manufacturing/product integration, helping them to be more competitive in their market segment, additional to displaying the selected samples of our customized solutions to those who are looking for some new and fresh ideas. Since this is such a highly regarded and well attended exhibition in Europe we expect to meet such customers for a win/win outcome.

Will the company introduce new products during the show? In that case, what are the advantages for the casino and the player?

Our company grows on innovation and when we call “customized” solutions, it means something new all the time and they are usually the special projects/products hard to make a list of them. While ultimate target is the enjoyment of the players, we work with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to contribute to their success to achieve the end user satisfaction and most of our solutions are taking part in our customers’ product range. Usually people talk to us in the show for what they need and many cases something we display or something we discuss together will trigger some new solution and we follow that thorough from concept to full scale manufacturing.

What are this year’s plans? Which markets are you focusing on?

With headquarters is in Sydney, Australia and operations in Las Vegas, USA and Wuxi, China, we service the industry globally offering full turnkey solutions. From design to manufacture we deliver products internationally to all continents. TBG focus is generic level integration products whether we involved in design or sourcing or full integration or all above. Last year we started high profile projects in Asia successfully and will continue also this year.

How do you see the gaming industry today? What are the challenges for this year for the worldwide industry?

Gaming industry is not isolated from the world events and changes in social life and so on and despite all the mergers in the market, there is still a good level of competition and it will keep those stronger who manage the challenges well. This is true from OEMs to all their supply chain which also includes TBG. The challenges are nothing we are unfamiliar with; getting more market share on whatever we are doing, looking at different segments in the market and keep pushing down the cost factors whether these all be by design, by re-engineering, by innovation, by outsourcing etc. TBG is focusing in all aspects of adapting to the changes in the industry and ready to take part in their customers success stories in 2016.