Brazil’s VP is in favour of legal gambling

brazil vice president gambling

The vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourão, is reportedly in favour of the legalisation of gambling in the country.

Brazil.- According to official media reports from Brazil, the country’s Vice President Hamilton Mourão has reportedly showed support to the legalisation of gambling in the territory. The announcement shows a breakthrough in the attempt for a transparent industry in the South American country.

Mourão has reportedly defended the installation of casino resorts in several states. In addition, he seeks the debate so that the gambling bill turns into law during the government of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro.

The lawyer Gustavo Rocha, former minister of Michel Temer and currently the secretary of justice of the Federal District, is also believed to be working behind the scenes in favour of the gambling legalization, as indicated by BNL Data.

Brazil may feature 35 casinos

News that emerged from ICE London 2020 are increasing the expectations in Latin America: according to BNL Data, information from London assures that Brazil will have 35 casinos inside resort hotels across the country.

The South American country was one of the participants of the show due to the interest generated by the legalisation of the market. Experts believe that gambling could be regulated in the coming months, as Congress will begin discussions on the matter.

“Brazil is a foreigner in this sector, which is organised and big. We have to sit with the leaders of Congress and say that those who are against legalisation are in favour of illegal gambling. This has to become a mantra so that we can invest and direct efforts towards approval,” said Deputy Newton Cardoso Jr., in favour of gambling and chair of the Tourism Commission.

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