BMM Testlabs grants the First Compliance Certification in the blockchain industry to Chainlink VRF

Certification Critical for any blockchain-based iGaming Applications.
Certification Critical for any blockchain-based iGaming Applications.

Chainlink VRF has received the GLI-19 compliance certification through BMM Testlabs.

Press release.- BMM Testlabs, the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming testing laboratory in the world, announced today that Chainlink VRF, the blockchain standard for verifiable randomness in gaming and NFTs, has received the GLI-19 compliance certification through BMM Testlabs.

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is the blockchain industry’s most widely adopted random number generator (RNG), enabling smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability. 

VRF is used for minting NFTs, randomizing in-game features, and much more. Since it first launched, VRF has served a cumulative 7.9 million randomness requests. 

VRF V2 launched in February 2022, reducing transaction fees and empowering smart contract developers to build the next wave of provably fair and scalable NFT and gaming applications.

Maria Romero, business development manager for iGaming at BMM Testlabs, commented, “As one of the first certifications in the blockchain industry, BMM is paving the way for companies developing blockchain-based gaming solutions to become certified in a secure and compliant way that was previously unavailable.”

By using this certified random number generator for iGaming applications, developers can rely on the security best practices built into the Chainlink VRF offering. 

This ensures that the randomness is both verifiable and tamper-proof using a trust-minimized approach, reducing the potential for human error.

BMM Testlabs’ EVP & CTO Travis Foley Appointed to IAGA Board of Trustees

BMM Testlabs, the world’s original gaming test lab and product certification consultancy is pleased to announce that Travis Foley, Executive vice president North America and chief technology officer, has been appointed to the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) Board of Trustees.

Travis Foley commented, “The IAGA has provided a forum for discussing key issues that affect global gaming since its foundation in 1980. I am very honoured to be recognized among the leading industry attorneys, senior executives, financial advisors, regulators, consultants, and academics that represent the IAGA Board of Trustees.”

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