BETER’s new CEO outlines the company’s strategic aims

Gal Ehrlich joined BETER as the new CEO on 1 July.
Gal Ehrlich joined BETER as the new CEO on 1 July.

BETER appointed its new CEO earlier this month and expects to continue growing and developing the fast betting niche.

Press release.- 20 days after being appointed BETER’s new CEO, Gal Ehrlich gave a presentation to the entire team about the company’s long-term strategy.

Gal Ehrlich, BETER’s new CEO, summarised BETER’s previous achievements and elaborated on the company’s values, strategic initiatives, and unceasing commitment to operational excellence.

“We are exceptionally proud of the phenomenal success that we’ve achieved at BETER in the short time which has passed since this company’s foundation. That being said, such rapid growth presents us with new challenges. For example, we are now a bigger company and, thus, need to come up with new interaction processes to ensure we perform our everyday tasks more effectively and move forward as an organization.

“Our mission and vision will be the same. BETER will continue to develop the fast betting niche and meet the needs and demands of everyone in the betting industry, be it players, sportsbooks, bettors, or fans.

“We’ll also be expanding into the Asian market, as we’ve identified this as an exciting avenue for future business growth. We’ll also work flat-out to further improve our already lofty standards of organizational excellence, whilst also ensuring our employees feel happy in their jobs and giving new opportunities to sportspeople. In addition to the above, we’ll also focus on expanding our product portfolio, developing our content to make it even more exciting, and taking customer support to a whole new level”. – said, Gal Ehrlich.

A large chunk of the presentation was dedicated to company employees and innovations in BETER’s corporate culture. Gal also stated that implementing a robust system of corporate governance to make BETER’s products the most trusted in the betting industry would be one of the company’s core strategic initiatives going forward.

He also mentioned that developing BETER’s esports offer remains one of the company’s key strategic initiatives.

Gal also took the opportunity to thank the management team, BETER’s partner BetBazar, which is a sales house that sells BETER’s content, and the JKR Investment Group, whose portfolio BETER is a part of.

“BETER is now starting the next phase of its development. We’ve already achieved a lot in such a short space of time due to our hard work, energy, and boundless enthusiasm. However, we now face a new challenge – to find ways to grow our business further and create approaches that will help us do that. We at the JKR Investment Group are firmly convinced that Gal is the man for the job”. Alexander Gusev, CEO, and Co-Founder of JKR Investment Group.

Just to remind you, Gal Ehrlich joined BETER as our new CEO on 1 July. Before joining BETER, he worked as Chief Technology & Product Officer at Fortuna Entertainment Group (FEG) and as a VP of Shared Services at Playtech.

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