BETER expands the connection between esports and betting

BETER expands the connection between esports and betting

BETER, the leading supplier of cutting-edge solutions to the big guns in the gaming industry has released a special article about esports and its connection with the betting world.

Opinion.- In 2020, worldwide revenues generated in the esports market amounted to $950 million. It is expected that by 2023 esports will be able to generate almost $1.6 billion.

According to the experts, the money comes from prize pools, tournaments, sponsorships, and, last but not least, betting, thus indicating the growth of the gambling market. Furthermore, the success of the betting industry facilitates attention to fast commercial 24/7 etournaments. 

Since 2019, sports and esports betting provider BETER has been powering esports disciplines of ESportsBattle. ESportsBattle includes efootball, CS:GO, ebasketball, ice hockey with numerous events for betting companies. It enhances sportsbooks’ performance with fast and profitable esports content. Regular esports tournaments are featured on no fewer than 100 sportsbooks across the globe.

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“Both the rules of the game and the length of the match in classic sports have not changed for years, and not everyone is interested in watching 90 minutes of football. Let’s say a person has only 15 minutes and wants to place a bet on the whole match. Watch it, check the result and get a quick calculation of a bet,” comments Alex Barkar, CEO of BETER.

Efootball — why are people passionate about it? 

Efootball has boosted the market dramatically. For example, the number of ESportsBattle efootball tournament views has significantly increased in 2020: in June 2020, it was 4M views, and in December 2020 — 22M. Moreover, the total number of matches in 2020 exceeded 225K, while in 2019, the platform held 63K events. 

Efootball is a classic sport. Bettors who love sports also bet on esports. But the advantage of the electronic version is that the matches are short, and your favorite football club can play every day.

“I guess each of us has played football on the console at least once in our lifetime. The events that we create do not contradict real sports and do not pretend to replace them. They complement real sports.

Earlier, it seemed that betting on esports has a seasonal character or is a one-off character. But we have noticed the opposite,” says Alex Barkar, CEO of BETER. 

CS:GO — top esports discipline in the world

The number of view hours/week of CS:GO content on Twitch reached 16M. Furthermore, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) topped the Steam chart for the peak number of concurrent players on the online gaming platform in 2020. The game reached over 1.3M concurrent players at its peak in 2020.

Alex Barkar also said, “Console sports are not an alternative to CS:GO. Within the company, we do not divide events into classic sports and esports. We distinguish between traditional sports, console sports, and esports. These are three different directions with entirely different audiences. And for each sport or esport, there are no less than three different types of viewers: players, fans, bettors.”

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ESportsBattle tournament organizer stated that ice hockey and ebasketball are among the most popular disciplines of console games, as well as classic sports. EsportsBattle provides regular and consistent ice hockey and ebasketball tournaments.