Belgium’s €200 weekly loss limit comes into force

The new limit was introduced by royal decree.
The new limit was introduced by royal decree.

The loss limit in Belgium was previously €500 per week.

Belgium.- The weekly loss limit for gambling in Belgium has been reduced from €500 to €200. The new limit, which was introduced through a royal decree announced in July, has now come into effect. 

The reduction in the loss limit had been proposed by the minister of justice Vincent Van Quickenborne, who has also led Belgium’s tightening of gambling advertising restrictions. The new limit applies on a site-by-site basis after previous attempts to install a cross-site limit were scrapped.

Players can ask to have their limit raised, provided that they are not registered as defaulters with the Belgian National Bank’s Central Credit Register. Players can also request a lower limit.

The Belgian Gambling Commission said: “It is always possible for players to request a lower personal limit from the operators. To keep gambling fun, it is recommended to spend no more than 5 per cent of income on gambling.”

Another royal decree proposed by Van Quickenborn would ban almost all gambling advertising in the Netherlands by the end of 2023 and any marketing in sports by the close of 2024. Equating gambling to ‘the new smoking’, Van Quickenborn wants a ban on advertising in print, TV, radio and online media – including social media – as well as posters in public places and personalised digital or post advertising.

The European Commission extended its standstill period on the legislation after receiving a requisition from Malta

Meanwhile, the Belgian Gaming Commission has announced that the country’s gambling self-exclusion scheme, EPIS, will be expanded to include retail betting. So far, it has been used for online gambling and land-based casinos and slots arcades, but it was not consulted by retail bookmakers.

Through EPIS, players can self-exclude themselves from gambling for fixed periods of time. The BGC has previously been criticised by the Belgian Council of State for imposing a minimum six-month period for self-exclusion. It said that the regulator did not have the authority to impose a minimum period.

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