BEGE 2019 awaits for the Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0

The premier startup competition for eastern and central Europe is back with further reaching and enhanced force this autumn at BEGE.

Bulgaria.- Startup companies and organizations cannot establish and make a justifiable and penetrating success without mentors, partners, investors, media coverage, and a venue to connect with others in the startup community.

The perfect place to do so is at BEGE 2019, now acknowledged as the prime multifaceted B2B event for the Eastern and Central European gaming, entertainment, and hospitality industry, upon which latest edition will take place on 20-21 November 2019 at the famous Inter Expo Center, Sofia

During BEGE 2019 the special event: Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 startup companies will have the opportunity to pitch to multiple investors, gaining valuable exposure and vital feedback from the same. They will also have the opportunity to network, to potentially build partnerships but, most importantly, they will have the opportunity and a chance to secure funding and further accelerate their business objectives.

Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 is the primary startup competition and event in the Eastern and Central European region regarding the gaming and entertainment industry. The contest is a crossroads for entrepreneurs to learn from each other and get access to potential investing parties. The Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 is also an event where the greatest ideas are being outlined and presented along with the most innovative concepts and theories

Under the slogan “Road map to success” Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 challenges entrepreneurs and startups to establish their targets in the gaming and entertaining industry, to grow, and to position their intentions within the sector.

How to become the European gaming startup champion?

Anyone who has set up a company or a startup project linked somehow within the gaming and entertaining industry could apply by completing the entry form. The end of registration is on 30th September 2019. Among recognized sectors, the jury of professionals from within the industry, media, and NGO sector will evaluate the contestants and choose the winner. All the startup projects will be presented at the Startup Zone during BEGE 2019 in front of a panel of international investors, industry leaders and gaming professionals, so even if your startup project won’t win, you will still gain recognition and support at a high level.

Benefits will include :

Connection with innovators and financial backers globally will give you the chance to:

  • Meet with highest calibre representatives at corporate level, of the gaming and entertaining industry.
  • Plus, to provide innovative insight regarding the industry and related sectors.
  • To ensure maximum exposure and coverage to share your content with specifically targeted audiences.
  • To heighten awareness and substantial economic impact.

With Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 we encourage and support people to realize their dreams. That is exactly what we want to do. Through our collaboration and networks we are able to do this not only in our country but literally all over the planet “ states Milena Tsankarska, the Project Manager of BEGE. “Gaming Startup Challenge 4.0 has created an open, collaborative platform to spearhead the gaming industry’s evolution, engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other participants to tackle current challenges within the industry and shape tomorrow’s values and forward-reaching developments”, Milena Tsankarska added.

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