Australian Green politicians are against sports betting

Green political party is protesting about the “bombardment” of gambling adverts during sports events.

Opponents compares sports betting with casino services and demand the prohibition of publicity in front of minors.

Australia.- Richard Di Natale, leader of the ecological political party The Australian Greens, expressed yesterday the discomfort the faction is experiencing with the great amount of advertising for sports betting on TV.

Greens suggest that TV and other media broadcasters should not be publishing sports betting’s promotions because young people and addicts in treatment could be affected. Di Natale assured that currently, watching a football game feels like walking into a casino. “This is an adult activity and there is a straight-forward model to follow,” he sustained.

The proposal is to consider sports betting sponsorships under the same law, from 1992, for tobacco advertising. The political target is to finish businesses sponsorships with sports services operators and remove publicity and companies’ logos from official sports clothing and stadium banners.

“The level of advertising we are seeing at the moment brings the threat of addiction into our lounge rooms and into our families,” the Greens candidate for Latrobe, Tom Cummings, expressed.