Australia will finally end in-play betting

New legislation will prevent operators from offering mobile betting applications.

The “click-to-call” feature allows players to call within the app and set bets instantly.

Australia.- Federal government revealed its plans to legislate the in-play betting sector to prohibit this modality of wagers. Although the in-play gambling is not regulated, the current law has a loophole, from which operators have been taking advantage to offer the service on phones. Furthermore, the authorities will discuss new legislation to cease offshore casino and sports betting offerings.

“Regrettably, the Government has decided to maintain the archaic prohibition … despite overwhelming international evidence that access to live betting online is of the key factors in why Australians choose to wager with unlicensed offshore operators. The combined effect of attempting to ban click-to-call technology and maintaining a prohibition on online in-play betting will ensure wagering by Australians with illegal offshore operators will increase,” stated Ian Fletcher, chief executive council. Most opponents believe that the prohibition would only lead offshore operators to illegally enable the service.

The ban measure is proposed by Alan Tudge, human services minister that justifies the decision based on gambling addiction rates. The government assures that in-play betting is already illegal as it is not regulated by any law, so the idea is to actually set an amendment to clarify the position. “The online environment has the potential for people to get themselves into serious trouble,” said Tudge.