Australia reveals iGaming breaches

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Credits: The Worldfolio.

Australian authorities have discovered several breaches on iGaming operations under current law.

Australia.- Last year the Australian gaming legislation was amended with new conditions for the online gaming industry. Since then, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been studying the local market to prevent and fine potential illegal operations through online gaming platforms.

The results of the investigation show that iGaming operators in the country have committed 19 breaches in a three-month period starting September 13 2017, when the studies began. The breaches relate to illegal operations regarding to the latest amendments added to the national law the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

Under current legislation, credit betting, in-play sports betting and non-betting products such as online casino and poker are banned in the country. “Ten of these investigations uncovered 19 instances of breaches of the Act, including nine related to providing a prohibited interactive gambling service, eight related to providing an unlicensed regulated interactive gambling service, and two related to advertising a prohibited or unlicensed regulated interactive gambling service,” informs Calvin Ayre.

Australia has been toughening up its gaming laws since the beginning of 2017 with restrictions such as an online in-play betting services ban. The creation of ACMA has also led to thorough investigation of online gaming operations, with subsequent issuing of warnings, infringement notices and injunctions. Furthermore, the organisation will be in charge of setting civil penalties against unauthorised websites.