ATM tech to not affect gaming earnings

Credits: Cruise Critic Message Board Forums
Credits: Cruise Critic Message Board Forums

COO of Sands China said that the introduction of new ATM technology will not affect the company’s earnings.

China.- Wilfred Wong Ying Wai, chief operating officer and president of Sands China Ltd, said that the new verification technology at ATMs (automatic teller machines) introduced earlier this month will not have a negative impact on the company’s gaming earnings.

As reported by GGRAsia, Wong announced the news during the second day of the Global Gaming Expo G2E Asia: “We have always supported the government initiative to improve the [city’s] business environment. This initiative helps prevent some illicit ways used by some people to obtain cash via the use of several credit cards – and lend it to others; This is something that we also don’t like to see.” The new system requires people who want to withdraw money at Macau ATMs an identification aloud with facial recognition scan.

Lionel Leong Vai Tac said last week that Sands China’s gaming earnings could be negatively affected by this new process, as he believed that visitors could consider all of it a burden. Nevertheless, Wong considers the impact to be almost invisible: “I don’t think this government initiative is going to affect us, because for the ATM machines here, there is already a set limit [on cash withdrawal per card],” he added.

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