India: Tamil Nadu gaming ban ordinance not yet in force

The ordinance was promulgated in October.
The ordinance was promulgated in October.

Companies have been told to withdraw their challenges against the ordinance because it is not yet in force.

India.- A new ordinance banning online gambling in the state of Tamil Nadu has not yet come into force. The ordinance was promulgated in October but the government has not yet advised when it will come into effect.

As a result, cases filed by the skill gaming body All India Gaming Federation, PlayGames 24X7 and Head Digital Works challenging the ordinance’s constitutional validity have been withdrawn. Senior Counsel Kapil Sibal, representing the state, argued that it was not possible to challenge the validity of an ordinance that has not come into force.

Senior counsel for the petitioners had argued that the ordinance had been gazetted and could come into force immediately. However, it was decided to withdraw the petitions and appeal to the court after the law is implemented.

The ordinance bans games in which a stake is put at risk. A stake is defined as anything that has a monetary equivalent, including virtual points, coins, tokens and other virtual items. Those who violate the new Ordinance may face up to 3 months in jail or a fine of up to Rs5,000 or both.

The ordinance was drafted after a committee set up by chief minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin to investigate the impact of online games recommended the least limits on the activity.

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