ASA raises concerns about gambling advertising

ASA raises concerns about gambling advertising

The media watchdog ASA says that there are increasing concerns among British public about vulnerable people being targeted by gambling services.

UK.- The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has raised concerns about gambling operators using technology to target vulnerable people through advertising. The authority urged the sector to come up with responsible marketing ideas.

As Marketing Week reported, ASA CEO Guy Parker participated at the ISBA annual conference on Thursday and said: “One of the concerns we have is that gambling operators are using technology to target gambling ads and marketing at people that might be at risk of developing problem gambling behaviours.”

Parker said that through the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), they’re focusing on the concerns so gambling operators are held to account to use technology to target ads away from people that might be vulnerable, away from children.

He believes that incorrect conduct from just a small number of operators increases mistrust in advertising generally.

UK could ban betting sponsorships in football

Different groups of campaigners in the UK urged the Primer Minister to end betting sponsorships in football. Gambling with Lives and The Big Step are the two groups that want gambling out of the sport.

The groups issued a letter which will soon arrive at the PM’s desk. First, a member will walk 100 miles across different clubs to discuss the issue.

“We believe there would be considerable support for a ban from fans,” the letter says.

“A recent survey by the Football Supporters’ Association found that only 13% of fans would be happy for their club to be sponsored by a gambling company.”

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