UK could ban betting sponsorships in football

UK could ban betting sponsorships in football

Campaigners have demanded the UK Prime Minister to end betting sponsorships in football as they have taken over most teams in the major leagues.

UK.- It is no longer surprising to recognise a betting brand across the chest of a football jersey in the Premier League. The same goes for most levels below it, but that may soon change.

Different groups of campaigners in the UK urged the Primer Minister to end betting sponsorships in football. Gambling with Lives and The Big Step are the two groups that want gambling out of the sport.

The groups issued a letter which will soon arrive at the PM’s desk. First, a member will walk 100 miles across different clubs to discuss the issue.

“We believe there would be considerable support for a ban from fans,” the letter says.

“A recent survey by the Football Supporters’ Association found that only 13% of fans would be happy for their club to be sponsored by a gambling company.”

Recent critics

Mark Palios, a former chef executive of the Football Association (FA) of England, said that football needs some distance from gambling sponsorship, which he believes have gone too far as they’re the main contributor in the territory.

Palios told BBC Radio 4’s File on 4 that the link between betting and football has gone “too far” and that the team he chairs, Tranmere Rovers FC, recently received a sponsorship offer but they declined it.

The English Football League says that the sport and the gambling industry worked together responsibly: “The EFL itself continues to have a successful relationship with Sky Bet who, as a responsible, properly regulated bookmaker, recognise the importance of having the right safeguards in place,” explained a spokesman.