Arkansas debates casinos

arkansas casinos

Casino regulations may be updated in Arkansas. (Credits:

A Senator proposed legislation to make clear what Jefferson or Pope counties’ venues need to be approved.

US.- Casino approval regulations in Arkansas could soon be updated as legislation was proposed to do so. Senator Breanne Davis introduced a proposal to make it clear that Jefferson or Pope counties must be locally approved through the quorum court members, county judge or mayor in office at the time an application is made for a licence.

So far, Pope County voters have voiced their opposition to the amendment that expanded casino gambling, which is why Sen. Davis expects to set clear rules for licence approval. Therefore, should the bill pass, letters of support from former officials for a specific proposed operator would be invalidated.

“Sen. Davis’s legislation sets out to codify the proposed application rules from the Racing Commission, which I support,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in an e-mail and added that, should the bill reach his desk, he’ll sign it.

However, the proposed legislation is already facing opposition like Casey Castleberrys’, a Gulfside’s attorney, who said in a written statement: “This bill is unconstitutional. Amendment 100 empowers the Arkansas General Assembly to enact laws to fulfill, not hinder, the purpose of the Amendment, which is to establish four casinos in the state, including one in Pope County.”

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