Anti-gambling group tries to reverse new DFS law in New York

DFS was legalised after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill earlier this month.

US.- Les Bernal, national director of the Washington based Stop Predatory Gambling, said that they believe in improving the lives of New Yorkers and they want to do it by repealing “the state’s predatory gambling policies”.  He added that litigation is also a part of that effort.

The law signed early this month by the Governor Andrew Cuomo has several critics that state that the Legislature needed to go through a lengthy constitutional amendment process to legalise a new form of gambling, but the bill’s sponsors relied on a statutory change that declared the fantasy sports contests to be games of skill instead of illegal games of chance.

The state Gaming Commission is considering applications filed by six fantasy sports companies to allow them to reopen in the state on a temporary basis until the agency finalises new regulations for the companies. Bernal confirmed that his organisation is finding potential plaintiffs who are state residents.

“We are definitely advanced in this process. But we’re not in a position to say when it will be filed. But anyone investing in these businesses should really keep their hands in their pockets for the near future,” he said. They still haven’t confirmed where the money to fund the litigation by the national anti-gambling group would come from, but Bernal said his group would not partner with any casino companies that also opposed the June legislation.

“There is no single act of New York state government that creates more inequality of opportunity than its sponsorship of predatory gambling. And now what state government is trying to do is force predatory gambling into every home and smart phone in the state as a result of a push by very powerful gambling interests,” Bernal said.