An inside look at the tailor-made features of Digitain’s sportsbook for EURO 2024

Digitain stated these features will make betting not only more exciting but also more strategic and rewarding.
Digitain stated these features will make betting not only more exciting but also more strategic and rewarding.

The company reveals its many tailor-made features for its award-winning sportsbook.

Press release.- Digitain is all set to enhance the betting experience with an array of innovative, tailor-made features as excitement builds for EURO 2024. Zohrab Karapetyan, Chief product officer of Sportsbook at Digitain, shared his insights into these feature-rich offerings designed to cater to seasoned bettors and newcomers alike.

“At Digitain, our mission is to provide an unmatched betting experience. With the needs of our users in mind, we craft our latest features for EURO 2024 and other major sports events, to make sure they have the best tools and opportunities to engage in their favourite sports,” said Zohrab Karapetyan.

Among the outstanding features is the EURO 2024 Predictor, which offers exciting incentives for bettors throughout the initial phases of tournaments. This is complemented by the Bet Race Tournament in which users can compete against each other, adding a competitive edge to the betting experience.

AutoBet Control is a significant advancement that allows bettors to automatically secure their winnings or minimize losses, based on pre-set conditions. This feature ensures flexibility and control, guaranteeing users to manage their bets efficiently, without constant monitoring.

Digitain has also expanded its popular Bet Builder, allowing users to create personalized bets from a broader range of markets. One of the features of this expansion is the Two Goals Advantage feature, which ensures a win if the selected team gains a two-goal lead. This helps build more excitement and ensures higher security.

To foster community and engagement, Digitain’s Sportsbook introduces Engaging Sports Chat, a social aspect that enables bettors to discuss strategies, share insights, and celebrate victories together. It also increases betting by about 20 per cent.

For those who prefer long-term bets, the Outright Display keeps users informed about ongoing events and helps them stay ahead of the game. The 0 per cent Margin & Enhanced Odds feature offers competitive odds with no margin, and this helps make sure bettors get the best possible value.

Highlighting select matches with significantly increased odds, the Daily Boosted Odds Offer guarantees excitement daily. In addition, the Sports Jackpot feature provides a thrilling opportunity to win big and adds more excitement to the betting landscape.

Another enticing feature is Double Dooble, which offers double returns on selected bets under specific conditions. For bettors who enjoy predicting player performances, the Player Props feature allows wagers on individual player statistics and outcomes, enhancing the depth of the betting options available.

The Bore Draw Guarantee is another favourite for players. This promotion allows players to make bets on the markets of certain events (set in advance), and if this event ends in a tie (0:0) and the bet is lost, the bet amount is returned to the players (according to the conditions set in advance).

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Finally, Digitain offers Acca Bonuses & Cashbacks, rewarding users with bonuses and cashback opportunities on accumulator bets and encouraging users to explore more extensive and strategic betting options.

Zohrab Karapetyan concluded with the following: “We believe these features will make betting not only more exciting but also more strategic and rewarding. As we gear up for EURO 2024, our users can look forward to a comprehensive and engaging betting experience like never before.”

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