Alexander Zavgorodniy: “At MegaPari, our main goal is to keep our customers engaged and loyal”

Alexander Zavgorodniy, head of the Customer Retention Department at MegaPari.
Alexander Zavgorodniy, head of the Customer Retention Department at MegaPari.

Alexander Zavgorodniy, head of the Customer Retention Department at MegaPari, discussed with Focus Gaming News his role in creating personalized retention strategies that align with the needs and preferences of the company’s customers.

Exclusive interview.- Alexander Zavgorodniy, head of the Customer Retention Department at MegaPari, sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about his role in the company and shared insights into successful campaigns that MegaPari has implemented in the past.

How could you define your role as head of retention at MegaPari, and what are your main responsibilities in the company?

In my role as the head of the Customer Retention Department at MegaPari, I am responsible for creating a productive and positive work environment for my team

By prioritizing their comfort and well-being, I enable them to channel their energies towards enhancing the overall gaming experience for our clients. This involves developing innovative promotions, analyzing competitors, and engaging in other strategic initiatives that contribute to our company’s growth and success. 

“By prioritizing the needs of our employees, I am able to foster a culture of excellence that is reflected in our client satisfaction metrics and overall business performance.”

Alexander Zavgorodniy, head of the Customer Retention Department at Megapari.

Can you tell us about your previous work experience in the gaming industry and how it prepared you for your current role at MegaPari?

My MBA in Strategic Marketing and 12 years of marketing experience have prepared me well for my current role at MegaPari. My passion for numbers and data drew me to the gaming industry, where I have honed my skills in strategy development and marketing to drive business growth. 

In what ways does MegaPari ensure that its retention strategies align with the needs and preferences of its customers?

At MegaPari, we want to make sure our customers receive personalized offers that match their needs and preferences. To achieve this, we analyze our customers’ behaviour and interests, as well as their geographic data (with the RFM analysis forming the basis). 

This helps us group our customers together based on their behaviour and interests, and then create specific retention strategies for each group. These strategies ensure that each customer group receives offers that are tailored to their unique interests and preferences. 

By doing so, we aim to provide the best possible gaming experience to each of our customers.

Could you provide some examples of successful retention campaigns that MegaPari has implemented in the past?

One successful retention campaign that MegaPari implemented was during Black Friday. The campaign was developed and executed in collaboration with colleagues from the customer acquisition and product departments. 

The first action was to create a showcase page featuring a variety of new promo offers and unique product features that appealed to players who don’t use bonuses. This diverse range of promo offers allowed the customer acquisition team to create more personalized offers to attract new clients. 

Additionally, the retention department developed a more personalized communication strategy for different customer segments using various communication channels based on the customer’s preferences. 

Overall, the campaign was a success in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

How does MegaPari measure the effectiveness of its retention campaigns?

At MegaPari, our main goal is to keep our customers engaged and loyal. To measure how well we’re doing, we track our Customer Retention Rate (CRR), which shows the percentage of customers who stay with us over time. 

We analyze our CRR for the company as a whole and also for each country where we operate. However, to understand our performance in more detail, we use a Cohort Analysis, which helps us track the retention rate of different customer segments. 

We also calculate the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to determine the amount of revenue each customer brings in over time, and regularly measure our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer loyalty.

To evaluate the effectiveness of specific retention campaigns, we look at more detailed metrics, such as conversion rates at each stage of the customer journey, revenue generated (deposits, bets, GGR, and withdrawals), and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the power of a data-driven approach and personalized communication when it comes to successful retention campaigns. This strategy has proven itself time and time again across the iGaming industry. 

By focusing on these metrics, we can gain a better understanding of customer behaviour and tailor our campaigns to fit their needs and preferences. 

How does the company balance its efforts to retain existing customers with its efforts to acquire new ones?

We employ an omnichannel marketing strategy to balance our focus on customer retention and acquisition. Every department of the company works together to ensure the continuous improvement of our customers’ gaming experience. 

For example, we are currently running a promotion with the grand prize of a Lamborghini Urus to attract new customers, while our product and retention teams work to provide uninterrupted and comfortable gameplay to retain existing customers. 

We believe that our shared goals and metrics enable us to work collaboratively and efficiently towards achieving our objectives. The combined efforts of all marketing departments will produce results, and that is why we strive to achieve our goals as a unified team.

How do you plan to evolve the company’s retention strategies in response to changing customer needs and preferences?

At MegaPari, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in the workplace. We have streamlined our processes to minimize the time it takes to go from ideation to implementation. We are not afraid to experiment and do not wait for our competitors to come up with new ideas first. 

As customer needs change rapidly, we are able to adapt our processes quickly and implement new ones. This is evident in the promotions we create, which can be tied to global events, holidays, as well as local events and activities specific to one country. 

We use the snowboarder’s method – if you see a jump, use it as a ramp and take off. We will continue to monitor evolving customer needs and adapt our retention strategies accordingly, ensuring that our customers remain satisfied and loyal to our brand.

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